Pluser Derma

The erbium laser for dermatology

Advanced fractional technology for skin resurfacing and dermal surgery.


Wrinkles, skin lesions and scars can now be visibly improved without surgery, anaesthetics  and hospitalization.  Pluser DERMA is the ultimate erbium laser platform for non invasive dermatology treatments. The erbium laser's wavelength finds a natural application in dermatology with the full field handpiece for the treatment of skin lesions such as acne, scars, lentigo, xantelasma palpebrarum, solar keratosis, warts, nevi, melasma and cysts, as well as non ablative skin rejuvenation. Special impulse technology MSP and APC work with the fractional scanner to split the laser beam into many spots of different selectable shapes. Resurfacing treatments will therefore heal much faster. The scanner can be used in the single pulse or the repeated pulse mode to select the depth of the treatment and favour either coagulation or ablation: the action of repeated pulses prevents the formation of craters on the skin's surface. The erbium laser provides complete vaporization of the epidermis, while non-ablative lasers do not. The laser also stimulates the contraction of collagen and activates wound healing response immediately after treatment.

The Pluser Derma also includes the Boost tipless handpiece that joins air and water to the laser beam for low discomfort in dermal surgery applications.The optic fibre delivery system is much more flexible and practical than the articulated arm. It also require much less maintenance.The multimedia built in video guide complements this sophisticated laser platform with colour touch screen.

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