Transdermal electroporation

More for the skin


Expand combines the low frequency of ultrasounds with transdermal delivery for the treatment of various face/body imperfections. Electroporation is the non invasive alternative to mesodermal treatments because it delivers active ingredients deep into the skin without injections and without discomfort! The ultrasonic spatula removes sebum and dead cells to enhance the delivery of specific ingredients through electroporation. Expand is supplied with specific face and body handpiece applicators.

The ample colour touch screen allows quick parameter selection and direct visualization of protocol indications during the entire sitting. Expand is an indispensable tool for toning, cellulite, rejuvenation, skin purification and more! Dermaclar cosmetic product vials are included in our starter kit: pioneers in the development of cosmetic products for transdermal therapy these cosmetics are especially designed for penetration through devices and medical-aesthetic procedures for diverse applications.

The use of Refrex to sculpt tissues that have been treated with Expand yields exceptional results, thanks to the delivery of active ingredients and nourishments to the skin.

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